Moving in

Obtaining the keys

The keys can be obtained at the Helsingin Lukkonikkari Oy office (contact details below). The keys have to be obtained (and returned when moving out) during office hours. Please take this into consideration when planning for your move.

Contact details:

Helsingin Lukkonikkari Oy
Kauppalantie 14
00320 Hki
tel. 09 5871 532

Opening hours:
mon-fri 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Losing the keys:
If your keys go missing, please contact Artur Mustaharju or Alltime Helsinki Oy’s on call number:

010 583 7070

NB! Replacing the key and the lock with new ones costs the tenant 300€. The new keys are made by Helsingin Lukkonikkari Ltd.. When obtaining the keys for the first time, the tenant has agreed to pay for any eventual lost keys. The tenant can also have extra keys made at his or her own expence at a different keymaker, but in case the keys that are returned when moving out do not match the ones that the tenant got when moving in, the tenant has to pay 300€, which is directly taken from the rent deposit.

Deposit fee

Before moving in to Clavis, you must pay a rent deposit. The amount of the deposit is one month’s rent. You get an invoice for paying the rent deposit when moving in. The money will be returned to you when you move out, provided the apartment has been cleaned and is in immaculate condition, and the keys match the ones obtained when moving in. No interest will be paid to the deposit.

In the apartment

If the tenant wishes so, Clavis can offer some furniture for the apartment, including a bed + mattress, a drawer, a table + a chair.
NB! All furniture request must be reported before moving in to Miska Hurme (, so that the furniture can be arranged to the apartment before the tenant moves in.

Blankets and bedsheets:
Every tenant is responsible for bringing their own blankets and bedsheets.

The kitchen:
Cooking at Clavis is possible in the resident’s own kitchenette, and also in the downstairs kitchen. The common kitchen can be used 24/7. The kitchen is equipped with two stoves and ovens as well as a refridgerator.

Additional information

Matters concerning the rent agreement, the rent deposit, invoices and furniture requests before moving in:
Miska Hurme (Kiinteistötahkola Oy)

Matters concerning lost keys, doors openings, maintenance issues, repair needs, furniture requests (after moving in) or other housing issues, etc.
Artur Mustaharju (Alltime Helsinki Oy)
Services at Clavis: Monday 8 AM to 10 AM and Friday 3 PM to 5 PM
At other times: 010 583 7070 (Alltime Helsinki Oy customer service)

If you would like to contact current residents before moving in, you may write to student members of the Clavis board:
·        Katharine Hao,
·        Artturi Vuorinen,