Final Cleaning

When you are moving out, the apartment must be cleaned. You can do some of the cleaning before the moving so you don’t have to do everything on the moving day. When the apartment is clean and the keys are returned, the rent deposit (one months rent) will be returned to your account shortly.

NB! Without proper cleaning or if there is something wrong in the condition of the apartment, the repair costs will be taken from the deposit fee before returning it to your account.


  • Melt and clean (with dishwashing liquid) the fridge and the freezer. Remember to remove the plug. Don’t let them melt without supervision!  
  • Wash the oven and the stove.
  • Clean the cooker hood both inside and outside. 
  • Clean the tables, the sink and the cupboards with cloth.


  • Clean the floor, the sink and the toilet seat.
  • Clean the floor drain.

In general:

  • Vacuum and wash the floors. Do not use lot of water for wood or laminate floors!
  • Clean the stains from walls and doors with cloth. 
  • Wash the windows from inside. Also wash them from outside if there is no frost.
  • Clean the cabinets, the closets and the tables.
  • Take the trash out. Don’t leave anything in the waste room that doesn’t belong there. Recyclable stuff, for example furniture can be taken to Kierrätyskeskus Trash, that doesn’t fit into the waste bins, must be taken to Sortti station
  • Remember to empty your storage booth if you have stuff there.
  • Remove your name from the door.
  • Terminate your possible sauna reservation or parking space.