Why Clavis?

A (re)sounding house in quiet surroundings

Clavis is a hall of residence for students studying at the Sibelius Academy. The building was built in the late 1960s following a wide-spread fundraising campaign while the first residents moved in on 1 January 1970.

Clavis is a markedly international community. We offer convenient residency to all students studying at the Sibelius Academy regardless of department or nationality. You can play and sing in the building from 9 AM in the morning to 10 PM in the evening (10 AM to 10 PM on weekends and public holidays).

Clavis is situated in Etelä-Haaga, Helsinki, with good public transportation to the city centre. You can reach Clavis by bus, tram or train.

There is a total of 105 apartments, a few of which are vacated every year. The apartments are small studios (18m2 and 23m2 in size). In every room, there is an en-suite bathroom, shower, mini-size kitchen and internet connection. In the building, there is a sauna, a laundry room, practice rooms, a common room and a great hall. During the summer months, we offer the apartments to summer residents.

In Clavis you decide on how social a life you want to live. An own room allows for own peace. On the other hand, there is most often a chance to socialize and make friends with your neighbours – there’s often somebody in the kitchen or common room with whom you can have a brief chat.

Residents are generally granted to live in Clavis for the whole study period, however, no more than seven years. The aim is to divide the apartments evenly between students of all different departments of the Sibelius Academy. During the summer application round, priority is given to first-year students. However, you may apply at any time.

Welcome to our house!